Coming Home.

I had my first meeting at "RSU"*. It was an informational meeting followed by a welcome reception.

I went to the meeting hoping to get some guidance as to what and how I was teaching. I got my laptop, and the necessary software. I got an ID and a parking permit. I learned that many of my repeaters were forced to do so because of their decision to copy someone else's lab report instead of writing their own.

I learned that there is sophisticated new software for measuring plagiarism. I learned how to use it.

I met the numerous other adjuncts and the few full time faculty.

I drank some nice wine and ate some nice cheese and cold pizza.

I was reassured that I have the necessary skills.

I was told to have the students call me "Dr". It's nice when I can use that deserved but underutilized title.

And then I went home.

And then I realized that I still had a hundred and one questions to ask.

But one question that I don't have anymore was "how would I feel being back in this sort of environment? In a smaller school, with only a few faculty, where the focus really was on the students? In other words, a PUI- primarily undergraduate institution?"

The answer is.... right at home.

Man. I forgot, until now, that when I envisioned myself teaching it was at a place like this. Research is great, and I love being in a world class, top notch institution, surrounded by brilliant minds carrying out cutting edge work.

But it just isn't home.

My hubby reminded me that I havn't actually taught a class yet.

Oh, yeah. Hopefully I'm not romanticizing teaching. Hopefully I like it as much as I've convinced myself I will.

*Raising Scientists University