That didn't take very long...

No, I haven't been rejected. Yet. But... my express fedex package containing my application packet didn't arrive as scheduled due to a Delivery Exception.

What was the exception you ask?

Oh. Just that it is Columbus Day and the BUSINESS WAS CLOSED.

So, although I am pretty sure I will not be penalized for the fact that they made their deadline a day with NO MAIL DELIVERY and, also, did not provide an email... I am frantically trying to get ahold of someone... anyone... to confirm the imminent arrival of my application first thing tomorrow. Also, two of my letters are being emailed in, which required that I find an email to have them sent to.

However, it turns out that my graduate PI has a connection. Actually, I had a connection, but I didn't know it, so my graduate PI had to make the connection known to me. So I have emailed this person, and am now waiting anxiously to hear back from them. The clock is ticking and I keep checking my email. Every time I see the mail icon in my shortcut bar, my heart leaps into my throat but so far, no dice.

AAAAAGGGHHH! I thought I was all set, and now this stress...