An emotional journey.

I was driving in to work this morning when I saw a dead deer on the side of the road. Laying right next to it was a dead coyote. For some reason this made me extremely sad- the coyote, not the deer, which I see once a week or so. I just imagined that the coyote got all excited when it found the dear carcass, thinking "Jackpot! Dinner for the whole pack!" and just as it was bending it's head to its dinner WHAMO. It got hit by a car.

Not such a good day for the coyote, after all.

However, my depression didn't last long. I was listening to some NPR Driveway Moments podcasts when I heard this hysterically funny one. Go ahead, take a listen, just make sure you do so somewhere where you can laugh out loud. It's the story of a 90-something year old woman, and her first bra. An inflatable bra. It didn't attract the kind of attention she was hoping for, as you might guess.

And then, as I was still chuckling over that one, another story came on, and not only did it bring me back down again, it actually made me cry. It's the story of a woman whose son died 31 (or was it 41?) years ago.

By the time I got to work I felt pretty good. That emotional car ride was good for my psyche. Everyone needs a good laugh- and a good cry- every once in a while.

I prefer to leave it on a laugh, though, so I think I'll listen to the story about the inflatable bra again.


Tina said...

Duh. Deer, not dear.