Holding pattern

All of the candidate interviews are over. I had positive feedback from several members of the committee. They wanted to move forward quickly, "We'll be in touch within a week, or so" they said.

It has been a week and a half.

On Monday, I walked around with my cell phone in my pocket all day. It rang six times; and not a single one of those times was it 'them'. On Tuesday, I walked around with my cell phone in my lab coat pocket all day (no pockets in my pants). It did not ring a single time. Today I have my cell phone in my pocket again, and once again it is irritatingly, typically, silent.

Grr. If I get a decent offer, I will take it. This influences my daycare needs for the summer and for next school year; I don't want to sign up for anything or hire anyone until I can definitively map out the hours. Not to mention that in the meantime I have found out about another opening that I would be very well qualified for, even though it isn't the 'perfect' job. Still, it is a job, and I would enjoy it. I have pretty much my whole packet ready to go- it is at the point where I just have to tweak my cover letter and statements a little bit to fit the particular position. The issue is that I really don't want to ask for my three letters of recommendation if I am not going to need them.

So I wait. And wait. Each tick of the clock eats away at my confidence. I just want to know.






Lisa said...

So maybe I won't call your cell phone until you hear from them! :) Hang in there!!!!!!