The number one thing you don't want to hear your students say to you after your lecture.

I had my detailed notes in my hand. I was trying to clarify a confusing concept, and had decided that a good old fashioned chalk talk was the only way to do it.

But then I got confused. I thought I had things backward, so I switched them. That didn’t look right, so I switched them again. And again.

Finally, the students shouted out the correct answer.

That’s one way to teach them, I guess.

BTW, my notes were correct.

After that, they were more confused. One student even told me “I thought I understood before I got here but now I don’t get it.”

Oh yeah. I loved to hear that.

I decided that next time, I'll practice on my daughter's art board- just to get used to standing in front of a crowd and writing on a board. The girls should love that.


Lisa said...

Isn't it hard to stand up in front of a group of people and explain something that is complicated? The thinking in education now--especially math--is that you explain MULTIPLE ways to solve problems so that the kids figure out which way works best for them. Of course, first you have to understand the ways first, before you can explain them.
I was laughing again at this post... every teacher has lessons (or days) that totally bomb, it will happen again and again and again. :)