An interesting age group.

A few months ago I had volunteered to be a judge at our state science fair. I was assigned the seventh and eighth graders. It being my first time, I signed up for Day 1: Preliminary Judging. That meant there were no kids.

I enjoyed the experience so much that I decided that I'll do it again next year, and that if other similar opportunities arose I would volunteer again. This is how I spent this past Friday morning helping seventh graders make DNA necklaces, instead of working on my upcoming research in progress talk, grading the homework, or catching up with the work that piled up while I was out sick for three days.

Truthfully, I woke up in the morning grumpy about needing to spend my time on such an activity when I had so much work to do; but by the end of the morning I was happy to have done it.

It was well organized- more so then I had imagined, so that made me happy. As a new teacher, I watched the presentation and had ideas of my own how things might have been done better (that is me, turning into a know-it-all!). What was most intersting about this volunteer experience was, of course, the interactions with the kids.

They all walked in with an air of disinterested tolerance; none of them wanted to show that they were actually interested in the project. By the time they left, 45 minutes later, glass charms filled with their own DNA tied around their necks, they were all- grudgingly- smiling about it. I even heard a few exclaim "This is cool!".

I did enjoy the experience... but boy, I'm glad I am not their teacher!


Lisa said...

It's neat that they went from indifference to feeling like it was "cool". That's fun! :)