Computer woes.

I hate my new computer.

First, I had good wireless signal, but I could not connect to the internet.

Then, I could not get my display to show up on the projector. Also, every time it starts up I have to readjust the brightness of the monitor- it's always really dark.

And now, I can't get email.

OK, OK I know that last thing is probably not related to the new computer, it is just coincidental that it occurred simultaneously with all of my other issues. However. In lab today we collected a large amount of data. No one was allowed to leave until I received two copies of their group data ( in two different formats). Since I couldn't receive email, it took a while to figure out where they could send those files.

I can send email, I just can't receive it. It is extremely frustrating. On one hand, this does explain the chirping crickets I hear every time I log into my email account. On the other hand, we all really wanted to leave- I was hungry because we worked through lunch, and they were all bitter at the pop quiz I gave them and the grades on their lab reports I handed back today.

We worked it out and we finally all got to go home. We just used the digital dropbox in blackboard. Also, right after this whole mess, I signed up to attend a workshop thursday on how to use wiki's, because it seems to me (despite my extremely vague understanding of what a wiki is) that this would have been a good time to do so.

Meantime, can someone please explain to me why I did get three junk mails but not a single other piece of email for the past five days? Arrggghhhh.


Lisa said...

Get your email fixed!
Sorry about your new computer....can you get another new one?