The email I did send. With an addendum

Dear Professor:

I was wondering if I was aloud to know my score on the quiz before I decide whether or not to retake it because I thought I did good but after your email I am not so sure so I was wondering if you think I should take it again or not, thank you and happy thanksgiving.

Dear student:

As I stated in my previous two emails, I am not handing out individual grades. However, as you can see from the graph I sent, not a single person achieved a perfect score. Therefore, everyone can benefit from retaking the quiz.

Dr. Raising Scientists (or at least trying to).

What I wanted to say... everyone sucked, and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. This was not a hard quiz. I am letting you re-take the same quiz for a second time, and any idiot should realize that it is a good idea to try again. You know the questions! Go look up the answers and ace it this time! Unless you are satisfied with mediocrity, in which case I cannot help you anyway, so don't even bother.


Lisa said...

Nice job biting your gets harder and harder the longer you teach I think.

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