Hey! That’s me!

I'm witty, oh so witty.. yes, it has been ages since I've posted here, but then I followed a link on someone else's blog to this page and discovered that I am in the top 50 list of women science bloggers. Yes, me! Right there with all of my idols. And apparently I am funny and witty and contemplative. However, I'd like to clarify, I am not in any way a math professor, having dropped out of calculus. Twice. I think that is a required course for mathematicians. But I do think that this post probably led to that misconception… (and by the way, all the math in that post… it turned out that I didn't need to do any of it with my class, so it was pointless agony.)

So yes, I am still here. I am enjoying the semester, but finding it difficult as the amount of review I have to do each week is stressful and mind boggling. OK, we are on our third week of plant biology now, and that exactly equals the amount of time I spent in a class learning plant biology as a student. And those three weeks happened, oh, 18 years ago. Understand the difficulty there? (As an aside… gasp, 18 years ago? Really? Holy cow.) That is the reason I haven't posted much. I am tres busy at work, working; when I come home I am busy with the family and busy with studying plant biology, and then darling husband complains that I work too hard, so I try to squeeze him into my daily schedule; and then I am just too tired to blog. But I do miss it, I confess, and will try to put more time into it. Especially now that I feel so appreciated!


Lisa said...

That is the coolest thing EVER!