Worried, irritated, annoyed, and frustrated. Oh My.

I am worried about one of my students. (S)he has missed their third class, today- the limit for the semester. This unmotivated student (UMS) has therefore missed one of four in lab quizzes, not to mention a very thorough analysis of the data we've collected over the past several weeks- data which will be used to write the formal lab report, which is worth almost half of their entire grade.

UMS just received a mid term warning that their grade, as of last week, was a D+. I am afraid, after missing class this week, that there is no way to improve upon that; I just don't think it is possible for UMS to work through the data on their own, and an unexcused absence doesn't require- or inspire- make-up time.

I have no experience with this sort of situation. This first-year student is obviously struggling- due to a lack of motivation, poor work ethic, or other problems, and I hope this doesn't scar them- or their record- forever, but...

if they won't do the work, I can't do it for them.

I may have to suggest to UMS that they withdraw for the semester and take the class again in the spring.

I think this is the most frustrating aspect of my teaching experience so far. No, I take that back. The most frustrating thing is when you have a student who really wants to get it... but doesn't. This UMS is frustrating, also, but in an irritating- trying to be patient but I feel like I'm wasting my time- sort of way.

And then I get annoyed that I am irritated, because I should be better then that.

So I think I will take my annoyingly irritated and frustrated I'm only human self and go have a glass of wine and try to find a t.v. channel that is not talking about the election. Because I am trying to wind down... not up.

Maybe I'd better read a book, instead.


Lisa said...

It's funny....I was at school today and the sub that's been in my room told me that the mother of one of my boy's is going to have brain surgery soon. Apparently she's gone through this before and the little guy never reacts well to someone else caring for him and frequently misbehaves in class.....the thing is, we never would have known if mom didn't tell us what was going on. We would have thought he's just misbehaving. Maybe something is going on with UMS. Something you don't know about that is keeping them from class and work. Or maybe they really are just unmotivated.... the thing is, you don't really know.....