Dressed to Impress... no one.

I seem to be getting in to a habit of sleeping late. The alarm goes off, and I think "must get up and start the day" but instead my hand- which must have a mind of its own- reaches out and slaps the snooze button or even- gasp- the off button. But the mornings are cold, and dark, and the children are sleeping, so why can't I?

This means that I have very little time to primp. My wardrobe has been, for the most part, jeans and a sweater. And my awesome new converse sneakers which are, appropriately, called "Grunge".

This morning was no exception. When I finally awoke, I had barely enough time to get the children fed and dressed and to school and daycare, so I decided to come home and shower after. But then I got distracted reading other blogs (damn you all), so instead of having plenty of time I had, once again, very little. I did shower. I did not wash my hair, opting instead for a chic ponytail. I threw on the jeans and sweater, and then got ready to apply my face. And this is when a voice inside my head said "Why bother? Who are you trying to impress? No one at work cares." So my face, today, consisted of one coat of (my free sample of) Clinique's High Impact mascara, which I adore. Lately, I've been applying it only to my top lashes, because I think it makes me look like I am awake. Of course, all together, this ensemble makes me look like I am only twelve years old- but an awake twelve year old.

So I wander in to lab an hour late, and go to drop off my brownies in the break slash meeting room (love to bake, but want to keep my girlish figure). The door is- mysteriously- closed. "What's going on?" I ask, to no one and to everyone, and someone replies "Don't you remember? It's the site visit from the ACS today."

Ahhggg. Of course. Today was the day all the big donors to the American Cancer Society get to Visit a Real Research Lab, and See Where all Their Money Gets Put To (Ahem) Good Use. So I hastily pulled out some experiments and started washing some blots so that I could look impressively busy, and prepare myself to meet and greet the wealthy.

It figures, on the One Day A Year that I should dress to impress, and I'm in grunge.

My one consolation is that it could have been worse.


Lisa said...

I'm a little jealous that you get to wear jeans to work all the time. That doesn't fly in our school....and now that I'm going back to work soon and I look at the mountain of clothes that used to fit but are now uncomfortably tight around my belly or my boobs, I'm wishing I could roll around in jeans and a sweater. As for the make up, a little eyeliner on the upper lid, some mascara and that's about it for me these days too....that way it looks like I did something, without really doing anything!