Good news and bad. But mostly bad.

So I just received an email about that faculty job that I had the phone interview for. The good news is that I made the top four. Barely… I am number 4. The bad news is that they are only inviting the top two (2!) to campus at this point.


Lisa said...

Maybe the top two will bomb and you will be called!!!!
I'm still impressed you made the top should be proud of that!

Becky said...

Count yourself lucky to have made the top 4...and realize that they might only be inviting 2 because they don't really have the money for a position. So many schools have hiring freezes, yet departments are going ahead with interviews on the hopes that the money materializes before a hiring decision has to be made. So they could be stringing everyone along (I know of at least one department that is doing this)....really bad time to be looking for a job.