Show me the money.

I may be behind the game, but two events today inspired me to look up faculty salaries:

First: I just got a phone call inviting me to come to campus next week to interview for a position I recently applied for (pause while I do my happy dance again...)(As an aside: I have to give a 45 minute presentation, geared towards undergraduates, on the topic of... anything. Anything at all. Of course I have ideas about that but it will take a lot of work to prepare, and of course this week is the last week of classes so I have many papers to grade and much other work to do.)

Second: I am currently listening to the AAAS webinar on Nontraditional Careers, and they just discussed this very topic. Well, they were discussing salaries in general, not faculty salaries, because after all, a faculty position is the very definition of a traditional career. However, it lead me to do some searches, and I found this website:
Check it out.

It is interesting- there is quite a range. Hm, so that is what my boss makes...

Actually, the one thing that really jumped out at me was this: the fact that they still have to divide this based on gender. Remind me again... what year is it?


Lisa said...

Happy dance, happy clap! When is the interview!?!?