On your mark, get set…


I had my first meeting yesterday at my new university, where I will be working- for the next year at least- as a part time faculty member. I have an 18 credit load, which in my case translates into 3 lab classes. I have found an old syllabus online, but that is as far as my preparation has gone. I haven't received an official offer, I haven't been authorized in the school's intranet, blackboard, email… I feel like I am still floating in a cloud and I was looking forward to going to this meeting and being pulled back down to earth.

Yeaaahhhhh… still floating.

They are still doing a background check so I didn't get to sign any paperwork. I was given a quick tour of the labs and lecture halls- I had seen this before but this time, knowing what I would be teaching, I looked for specific equipment. I met my TA. I have a TA! Two, in fact! (what do I do with my TA? I've never had a TA before, and I am perfectly happy to delegate, but how much are these particular people capable of handling?) And they told me I should start ordering supplies now, because sometimes it takes a while for them to come in. Then they paused, looking expectant, and I thought: am I supposed to come up with a list right now?

The general sense of confusion that is apparent in that conversion pretty well sums up the whole afternoon. I went in with a large number of questions, but not only did I not get a chance to ask most of them, I also walked out with two hundred or so more.

However, I did get a CD from the previous course instructor with all of his notes and lectures, and I arranged to meet with him next week. I do feel that I am now prepared to start preparing; I know the workspace and expectations, I have the syllabus and old course documents. I need to look it all over and figure out what I am doing, and once I get the all clear from HR I will begin the work. Phew. How exciting!


Unbalanced Reaction said...

Exciting! It depends on the level of TA and how many hours they can do. I really am grateful that I can have my TA grade lab reports. It's also great to have an extra person walking around and answering questions.

Or are they running the labs on their own? If so, lucky you!! :-)