What did you expect when you put it out there for everyone to see?

In reference to this article in the current issue of Nature; and in particular this:

"Certain corners of the Internet have been erupting in argument in the past weeks following an announcement by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York that it will henceforth require scientists who blog to ask the permission of presenters before firing up computers or mobile phones and publicizing their findings."

I'm sorry, but I thought that once you presented your data publicly- even if 'only' at a poster session at a conference somewhere- it was, well- public. If it is interesting, it will generate discussion. I mean really, your biggest competitors are probably at the conference with you. By virtue of the fact that you are presenting your data, aren't you giving people permission to discuss it?

(Also, can I ask, which corners of the internet? How did I miss this? I gotta get my head out of the clouds.)

(One more thing. I shamefacedly admit that I didn't find this article because I was reading through the Nature eTOC's. I found it because I was looking through my blogroll. Thanks, Cath.)