Jumping through hoops... and tripping.

I was hired as a part time professor in the graduate program at SLU.

My course load during the fall was sufficient that I knew I couldn't also keep up my part time post-doc.  My PI generously suggested I take a leave of absence and return next semester.

I had to also rearrange my course load at PUI, where I adjunct; the powers that be generously let me switch around my sections to fit into my new schedule at SLU.

I have been getting ready for class at SLU, signing on to blackboard, getting my course materials ready.  Anxiously checking my roster to see how many students I had to work with.  As of Friday, one section had 5 and the other had only 1 student; however, enrollment is this week so I wasn't worried.

Today I got a call from the director.  If enrollment doesn't perk up, they will have to cancel one of my classes, and I'll have to pick up a class in the spring to make up for it.

I rearranged my life to make this part time position fit... and now it might be for naught.



Samia said...

Hoping things work out...