Identity crisis...

I used to work with someone who had a name very very similar to mine.  Eerily similar.  Almost identical, except he was he and I was she and we were not the same person and not in any way related, my clan being of Sicilian heritage and his of Southern Italian.  Most definitely not related. (Methinks he doth protest too much?).  He left a few years ago to pursue bigger and better things and that was the end of that. Or so I thought.

Lately, he has been haunting me in absentia.  My keycard access and parking were turned off because I was mistaken for him.  Oddly, I was in my parking lot when my keypass was disabled, leaving my unable to get out.  A quite frustrating conundrum, one that found me contemplating the height of the curb and the clearance of my undercarriage.  (Had I driven my husbands pick up truck that day it would have been no problem).  (I ended up calling the parking office and taking fifteen minutes to explain that I and he were two different people. )

It isn't just here, though; he haunts me OUT THERE, too. I applied for a position at his alma mater, and his name came up.  My new part time position is at the place where he did his masters degree, and so of course his name came up. I went through the same old conversation: Haha, yes, that is funny.  No, no we are not related.

Then I found out that he has recently been hired as an Assistant Professor.  At (small local college).

I interviewed for that job.

I was number 3.

Apparently, he was number 1.


I was upset when I didn't get the job, although now I am glad because bigger and better opportunities have come my way (that is right, I'll just keep telling myself that).  I always thought he'd be a great teacher, and I can see that he is well qualified for the position, and I do wish him well.

But still.  Do I think he is a better teacher then I?  Do I think he is more qualified then I?

Perhaps this small local college was confused.  Perhaps they mistook he for I.  After all, it has happened before...