What to do, what to do?

So I do have to cancel one of my sections, and combine them into one. The question is... which do I keep?  Which do I cancel?

One is at night- going until rather late into the night- and one is during the day.

The day time section fits my schedule such that I can get my girls to school/ daycare; go to class; and then get home in time to get them home from school/ daycare.

The night time section requires me to make alternative arrangements for childcare; also, it goes late into the night, rather past my bedtime.

Guess which section I'd rather cancel?

So what is the problem?   One student.  There is one student who is part time and is possibly not available to come in during the day.  Canceling the night time section could cause major problems for that student.

But, there are other classes. However, this masters level class is part of a masters program that originally started out as an evening program for part timers; so it is sort of a policy to keep evening classes available.  However, everyone else is actually a full time student and can come during the day.  Plus, there aren't other classes on that day that would cause scheduling conflicts for them (we all use the same lab, so that prevents any overlap!) And who knows, maybe this one student could come during the day, too.

... so do I just say screw it and cancel the evening class and let that one student fend for themself?

If I don't decide soon I won't be able to notify them in time to make sure they all know to come (or not) at the correct time!

I emailed this student to ask them to contact me ASAP; but seeing as they haven't responded to my other emails, and this is a holiday weekend, I don't hold high hopes for hearing from them in time.

Won't someone just make the decision for me, the one that I want, so that I don't have to feel guilty over screwing over this one student?