I feel special.

My new lab coat just arrived via UPS.  I've never bought a lab coat for myself  before, I mean, with my own money.  Usually I just go down to the stock room and throw one in my shopping basket if I need a new one.  But now I am teaching a lab class at SLU, and needed a lab coat. There is not a stockroom at SLU,  so I ordered one.  While I was at it, I had it personalized.  Some of my colleagues have personalized lab coats, having been gifted one for various reasons.  I never did- it wasn't something that was done at my grad school.  The degree was enough. 

But now that I have one, it makes me feel special.  All for $14.95.

Which I will try and get reimbursed. It would make me feel more special if I didn't have to buy it for myself.


~profgrrrrl~ said...


You're making me want a personalized lab coat even though I don't work in a lab.