Where I jump right in to the middle of it all.

Apparently there is a shoe war going on.  I feel compelled to put my two cents in since I love shoes.  I love shoes so much that I refuse to pick a side, mostly because I actually like all of the shoes of the week, yes, even Dr. Isis's teal plaid pump.  Heels are all well and good, but sometimes I need speed and maneuverability. Flats are good, but there are those occasions when I really need a sneaker.  But who wants to wear a plain old running shoe?  Not me. God knows I don't need them for running, since I avoid doing that.  I need to keep up with a four and a six year old who might be fast, relatively speaking, but since their stride length is so much shorter then mine I don't need any real physical ability to keep up with them.

Since I spent a little while the other day designing my own shoe,  I thought I'd share my creation.  It's simple with just a bit of flash; and so what if it is a zebra print?  Is there something wrong with that?  Plus, I love the white racing stripe down the sidewall. And then there is this: remember back in junior high when you wore your shoes without laces?  Well, these shoes are meant to be worn that way.  Plus, it is just too darn cool that you can design your own.  So without any further preamble, here it is:

Chuck Taylor all star slip on canvas shoe.  Custom designed at Converse.com.  $62.00

I don't really care if you like it, because I think it is absolutely awesome. These are mine. If you want em, go make your own.

Update:  We are all getting sucked in to this debate.  Who knew we had so much to say about shoes (or socks)?


PUI prof said...


Tina said...

Sorry, PUI! I missed yours... but I like those heels.

Julie R said...

Love your shoes!

I would like to join your team in the shoe wars please.

Lisa said...

I like the Converse you designed WAY more than the shoes Russ designed! :)

Anonymous said...

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