Take two.

The summer is over. Time to start thinking about a new school year.

The nice thing about the academic life is that you do get a summer break. Sure, I still had my other job to do, but the year doesn't pass in such a blur when it is nicely divided into quadrants... fall, winter break, spring, and summer.

We had our first organizational meeting at "RSU". Last semester I taught the repeat of the first semester bio lab, for people who had transferred in or failed the first time around- so it wasn't a large course. This is my first experience teaching the same section as, oh, 7 other people. It's all about this section, this year, and thus I have a lot of company and things- uh, I mean, I should be better prepared. There were several first time instructors at our meeting, and I felt like the wiser experienced one, having taught at all, and this course already. It is certainly nice not to have first-time jitters.

Then I got home and realized that oh, yeah, classes start next week. I have work to do! So I sat down with my upgraded laptop (courtesy RSU), and realized my battery was near dead. And that is when I discovered that the charger they gave me doesn't fit this computer.

Sigh. Maybe I overestimated our preparedness for this semester.


Lisa said...

So I kind of forgot about this blog and just checked in now...first of all I can't believe someone had the gall to ask you for a grade change! Secondly, those evaluations (speaking from a student perspective) are difficult to fill out I think.... I'm not sure why, but they are. Take it all with a grain of salt, which it sounds like you are doing anyways. (As an aside, I always wonder what my third graders would say about me--years later. In third grade, they just love you, but I wonder what they really remember years later.) And finally, welcome to a new semester! Nothing better than the start of a new year, it's exciting and exhausting all at once!