Third times the charm?

I know this is the second time in two semesters that I am teaching the same class. I thought it would get easier. And it has.. and hasn't.

On one hand, I am more familiar with the material. There are a lot more sections so there are more of us teaching the same thing, and the support is incomparable. So yes, it is easier.

On the other hand... I am realizing what a bad job I did last semester. I am realizing how much I missed. I am learning what I should have taught versus what I actually did teach. In fact, because I am teaching two sections, I am even changing my presentation from my monday to my thursday lab; and it is the thursday section that is performing better on homework and quizzes, which hopefully means that by the third time around... I'm getting it right.

So even though I thought I had all the hard work done, I am finding myself spending a great deal of time prepping for class... the right way (I hope!) this time.


Lisa said...

Oh man, you REALLY sound like a teacher! All veterans look back on their first year and can't believe that their students actually learned anything.... And this post is such a clear argument in favor of keeping a curriculum for more than a year. Which, unfortunately, often doesn't happen. It's interesting, middle school and high school teachers often have the opportunity to reteach a lesson and tweak it to make it better. In elementary school it's a one shot deal, and if you don't get it right then you either move on or go back to it the next day, thus putting you further behind on your curricular calendar.