One of my students almost passed out in class today. I was busy helping someone when I heard a persistent "Professor! Professor! Umm, professor!" The urgency in the tone got to me so I turned to find her labmate supporting her; she was limp, pale, and bug eyed. We walked her out, got her some sugar water, and had her sit for a while. It most likely was just low blood sugar; she hadn't eaten because her dad was coming to take her to lunch. Still, it was scary for a few minutes; that is some excitement that I can do without!

Perhaps the most alarming part of it all, however, was when the paramedic asked the girl "Birthdate?" And she responding somemonth someday "…nineteen ninety."

AGH! When did I get so old? I was a first year student in college in 1990! Someone almost had to catch me as I swayed in alarm.

Anyway, she went off to get some food and rest and I went back to lab, to see a few of the others gagging. No, not more sickness: they saw the bloodworms defecating. It is rather nasty. Strapping jocks gagging in disgust… amusing, but worrisome; I don't know who would support them if they passed out!


JaxMom said...

Tina - I used to shock my colleagues of my first professional job by claiming, "Well, I was born in the 70s, dontcha know?"

Unbalanced Reaction said...

My coworkers were making cracks about how they had just gotten used to having students who were born in the 80s and now were facing children of the 90s. I haven't had the heart to tell them that *I* was born in the 80s.

Lisa said...

My students were born in 2000!!!!!
Love the new design of the site!